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Hafnium Crystal Bar

Hafnium Crystal Bar

We are the only manufacturer of Hafnium crystal bars and Zirconium crystal bars
in China.We develop and own the core technology in producing Hafnium and
Zirconium crystal bars.Our production capacity is 3t per month for Hf crystal
bars and 5t per month for Zr crystal bars.
Hf+Zr>99.95%  Zr<1%
Typical Analysis:
Full analysis is available upon request.
Diameter : 0.8 to 1.6 " (20mm to 40mm).
Length : up to 39.37" (1000mm)
also available in chopped sizes,norminal 1-2"(25-51mm) lengths.
Welcome to enquire about   HAFNIUM CRYSTAL BAR!  We will reply you ASAP.