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gold plating tungsten wire

Gold plated tungsten wire is superfine high strength Gold plated tungsten wire
The major technique is:
1:matrix material:  Dia 0.06~0.12mm, length ≥2000mm superfine high strength tungsten wire
2: tungsten wire surface is plated 0.3μm even gold coating;
3, after gold-plated, ellipticity of tinsel cross section is φA±0.001mm;
4, binding force between coating and substrate: In the high low temperature environment (- 20℃~+200℃), the temperature alternate 20 times, coats does not fall off

our gold-plated tungsten wire has used in national some project, it has the great significance in guaranteeing security reliability service, the promoting defense industry technology status internationally.

Item Name Gold plated Tungsten Wire
Diameter 0.06-0.12mm
Composition Au≥99.9%      Impurity: ≤0.1%
W:99.95%      According to GB4184-84